Tim Hill is a photographer with over 30 years of experience. In more recent years, Tim undertook the challenging testing and evaluation  process to become a Certified Professional Photographer. Certification helps ensure that a photographer understands and can apply the technical aspects of photography needed to produce the desired result under virtually any conditions. Becoming Certified, Tim is now in select company and is in the group of only 7-9% of all photographers nationally to be Certified.

For many years, Tim’s sense of motion, emotion, timing and control of light have been his platform for producing some of the finest sports portraits and sports action photography images found anywhere. Interest in all types of sports have lead Tim to cover a wide variety of sporting competitions. In addition to the “Big 4” sports, Tim has successfully photographed boxing, lacrosse, gymnastics, fencing, swimming, volleyball, softball, firefighter competitions, wiener dog races and corn hole tournaments. Extreme sports photography is next on his list!

In the last 5-6 years, Tim has realized that his understanding of the uncertain nature of changing light while shooting an outdoor sporting event, has provided the expertise to photograph under other challenging conditions. This expertise has led to a thriving business in event photography, as well as corporate portraits and commercial work.

Tim has one piece of advice for all who are or aspire to be photographers…. “There is no substitute for GREAT light. Understand light and the sky is the limit.”